Finding Happiness

I’ve been thinking lately, due to a recent bout of depression, what exactly makes me happy.   When I was a kid, that question was easy – just go outside and play…..hide n seek……..board games…..fishin for craw dads in the creek nearby….easy.   Hell, just watching cartoons made me happy.

Fast forward to the present – I’m an adult and happiness is much more complex…or maybe I just make it more complex.   Either way, I know that going outside and playing doesn’t work anymore – mainly because I see my yard and all the work that needs to be done.

I recently started picking up hobbies.  Brewing beer, gardening, running, biking, pickling, making hot sauce…etc.  These work temporarily and accomplishing things in each give me that “I just did that” satisfaction.   This seems to be short lived.   For some reason, these accomplishments just don’t make me happy for long…my brain just keeps wanting more.  

I’m not sure if this is due to my depression or just because I demand more out of life than I used to, but still it kinda sucks.

What makes you happy?